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Tanzania recognises the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector as a key accelerator to development. It has made tremendous progress liberalising this sector. Cyber cafés are mushrooming in Tanzanian cities and the

 Tanzanian government has set itself the ambitious goal to make the East African nation a hub for ICT infrastructure. With the recent landing of two international submarine fibreoptic cables, EASSy and Seacom, which link Tanzania to the global high-speed telecommunications network, this plan seems to be taking shape. Hosting eLearning Africa 2011 is an opportunity for Tanzania to highlight both the progress that has already been made and its exciting plans for the future.Tanzania has taken major steps forward in creating policy and legislative structures to anchor growth and development of ICT. The government’s national ICT Policy, launched in 2003, articulates a range of focus areas that will aid optimal use of ICT in the country. These include strategic ICT leadership, ICT infrastructure, human capital, legal and regulatory frameworks and universal access.

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