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Accelerated service delivery at scale for improved profitability.

You designed your edge network to deliver a wide range of highly reliable enterprise services. To do this, traditional network equipment limitations have burdened you with an ongoing need to maintain many different elements and appliances, operating systems, and element managers.

The result is that your business edge network has become a byzantine collection of platforms that is operationally expensive to maintain and difficult to scale, leaving little room for innovation.

Juniper answers this problem with a business edge solution that draws upon SDN, NFV, and other advanced technologies to simplify your infrastructure, streamline your operations, and increase service agility and velocity. Our virtual and physical routing, security, and service portfolio give you the power to start small and scale out quickly-and scale up as your business grows.

Our edge solutions feature high-performance, high-reliability, and high-capacity routing and security platforms. They are supported by a single, DevOps-focused operating system that delivers superior operational efficiency and ensures consistency across all elements, physical and virtual. We use an advanced, programmable chipset to deliver high-value application-aware services at wire speed. We also offer a powerful, multivendor traffic management and engineering solution for IP and/or MPLS networks that dramatically increases your network efficiency and your return on investment.

High scale and line-rate performance, combined with advanced automation and management tools, are just a few of the ways that our high-speed provider edge solution can help your company accelerate time-to-market for innovative new services-and improve your profitability.

Building a Network for Tomorrow’s Customers.
Juniper’s edge solutions give you scalability for business growth, protecting and extending the value of your edge network investment. .

Watch the video: Outsourcery - Building a Secure New Platform for Enterprise and Government Customers

Download the Research Report: Optimizing the Network Edge with Juniper Networks MX Series 3D Universal Edge Router

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