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Growing Business Revenue with Descriptive, Predictive, and Prescriptive Analytics

Harvest intelligence and insights from your network.

Analytics plays a critical role in IT, feeding everything from artificial intelligence and machine learning to predictive modeling and telemetry. Using analytics, you can gain the insights you need to make informed decisions about planning, forecasting, optimization and troubleshooting in your IT environment.

Juniper has taken a leading role in developing solutions that gather, aggregate, and deliver accurate network analytics for your cloud networking infrastructures. We partner with companies that build leading analytics engines, allowing us to provide innovative ways to address business intelligence problems at scale. Our solutions give you insights into network activity that helps you make informed decisions to drive revenue.

  • Descriptive analytics tools provide real-time insights and visibility through visualization and analysis of data and events.
  • Predictive analytics tools allow your organization to anticipate outcomes and behaviors based on descriptive data.
  • Prescriptive analytics tools help you forecast and plan optimal IT operations, using data drawn from descriptive and predictive analytics.

Juniper Networks Cloud Analytics and Network Telemetry

Juniper’s descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics solutions help you make business decisions based on real-time network statistics and events, with minimal human interaction.

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